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“I'm so sorry, Officer. They kissed each other
. . But hey, it was better than having to fret over some infested boy knocking her daughter up
. It didn’t really occur to her that he might have known she would be into it, or that it had been carefully planned out. The krogan's penis was longer than her forearm, and just as thick

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Samara was soaked, her face and breasts had been covered several times over with thick krogan spunk, though by now at least half of it had been licked off by the numerous other asari worshippers in the shack.


So guess what she calls me. We both smiled and then started laughing
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. "You're fucking disgusting, you know that bitch?" "Yes daddy! I'm the most disgusting faggot rapetoy on the planet! i want to be nastier and nastier every day!" "Good baby